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HomeHeadlineOnce upon a time there was a wild Texas cottontail. She dreamed of a better life, a charmed life. One special lady would make her dreams come true, a carrot lady. A heartwarming relationship formed between human and rabbit and they developed a remarkable bond of mutual need and respect.  The carrot lady realizes that life is too short and she should cherish every day just as the rabbit did. It was time to live in the moment, the moment of Mister.Mister and her carrot lady, JB Bean, invite you through the garden gate to experience the enchanting memoir of Mister, an incredible wild bunny who captured the hearts of the world. Mister had achieved the unimaginable and she had created a legacy. She was not insignificant.  Mister was wild and free, and she had been loved.

Be safe.

Mister's Garden by JB Bean

Read all about Mister’s Garden, passionately told by Mister in her own words. Her story will make you smile and it may make you cry. Whimsical and endearing, Mister will warm your heart.

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